Purpose & Disclaimers

There are many interesting things in this world, limiting yourself to just one of them is…well….it’s kinda boring. 

This site is my own little contribution to making sense out of life’s struggles.   My Flexible Pencil is, at it’s heart, about the freedom to explore what works and what doesn’t for each of us, to create and share ideas for making it through the day at work or at home, and to erase mistakes.  We all make them, after all.  We might as well make them with a sense of purpose.

I’ve found that what I have learned of Lean and Project Management have a lot of applicability to my home life as a father and husband.  I also find that a lot of what I learn at home helps me understand people, which furthers my understanding of people, and how to deal ith situations at work, too.  In short, my focus is on applying what I believe are the best concepts for simplifying life. 

On the site, I frequently invite guest authors from all walks to share their thoughts on pursuing the work/life synthesis.  Their comments, and mine, are little more than personal anecdotes, observations and maybe some good food for thought.  They should not be taken as guaranteed advice, directions for success or infallible solutions to a problem.

The primary purpose of this site is to generate a discussion, not to sell products or services.  While I invite others to share their stories, I do not necessarily agree with their point of view or endorse what they are selling in any way.  I ask people to contribute simply because I appreciate their perspective and want to spark discussion.  As such, although I am happy to link back to an author’s site, whether or not the products or services they offer are of value to you is entirely at your discretion.

If I do decide to do any advertising, it will be clear to the reader that it is a paid ad.  I will not provide any paid posts, article or product reviews on this site. 

Take a look around and enjoy.  Leave comments and, if you’re particularly daring, contact me using the links to the right about contributing a post of your own. 



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